Paris Pionnières est l'un des partenaires de Dandy Nomad

The feminine business incubator for innovative services

Since its launch in March 2005, Paris Pionnières has been the first organization encouraging companies' creation by women who have a project in the field of innovative services addressed to both individual and companies in Paris.
Paris Pionnières supports projects with high economical potential which create durable employment.

During its launching phase, Dandy Nomad was « incubated » at Paris Pionnières.



BPI France is a public organization specialized in three activities:
the assistance to innovation, the warranty of bank loan and equity, and the financing in partnership.

  For the development of its suitcase cover, Dandy Nomad has obtained the Paris Innovation Amorçage grant from Oseo (now named BPI France).


Paris Initiative Entreprise : acteur de référence du financement des TPE et PMEPARIS INITIATIVE ENTREPRISE

As the main organization in Paris for the financing of small companies, Paris Initiative Entreprise task is to identify and favor the creation, the buy-out and the growth of companies and organizations generating employment, economic, social and durable development in Paris. PIE operates in companies by assisting and financing them or by any other means with the aim to generate and consolidate job development.

Paris Initiative Entreprise granted Dandy Nomad with two loans on trust for the development of Bag on Bag.


A network close to entrepreneursUn réseau proche des entrepreneurs

BGE is a national network which supports entrepreneurship. It accompanies project's holders in all the different stages of the creation, from the very first ideas to the development of the company during the first three years. Present since more than 30 years ont he territory, BGE accompanie every year the creation of more than 17 000 companies.

BGE has supported Dandy Nomad within the frame of the Nâcre measures.



MoovJee, Movement for the young people and the entrepreneurs students, has for mission to bring the young people to consider the creation and the company takeover as a real option.

Dandy Nomad joined the mentorship program of MoovJee.