The Team

Find out who is behind Dandy Nomad adventure...

EMMANUELLE - The founder
32 years old, two expat experiences and some stop overs in more than 50 countries

After graduating from ESSEC, one of France’s leading business schools, Emmanuelle went into auditing and then into banking in Sydney, Australia where she lived for almost three years before heading back to her first passion...
She is fond of travel! It’s more than a passion, it’s an addiction. Since her early childhood, she has toured the world. It is no mere coincidence that Emmanuelle had the idea of creating the suitcase cover and Dandy Nomad. Now, she is able to combine her two passions – travelling and entrepreneurship.

Her most beautiful trip: Western Heaven on Earth.
The ones she dreams about for the future: Mongolia, Brazil and returning to Japan. 

CLAIRE - The product development manager
22 years old, full of travel plans

Graduated from textile design, Claire is diligent and curious, and she rapidely found her place inside Dandy Nomad team.
Passionate about travels and appreciative of patterns, she spares a lot of her time traveling by train and exploring travelers' behaviours. For the time being, Claire has criss-crossed the country with her backpack, but she is 100% sure she will have the opportunity to travel further away in order to discover other cultures.

Her most beautiful trip: Ireland, in fulll immersion.
The ones she dreams about for the future: Australia and Iceland.

VICTORIA - The textile designer
33 years old, an accomplised and inspired entrepreneure

Victoria showed very early a fondness for art … she was convinced she would one day become a painter! The years proved that she was not totally wrong as she ultimately became a graphic designer.
As childhood friends, Emmanuelle and Victoria know each other well. Emmanuelle likes Victoria’s taste, her touch of elegance and poetry that she puts into each of her creations. Therefore, it is natural that Victoria was the first person Emmanuelle thought of when it came to designing Dandy Nomad suitcase cover patterns.
Aware of the last trends from here and elsewhere, Victoria didn’t hesitate to join this great project.

Her most beautiful trip: India and Nepal.
The ones she dreams about for the future: Sri Lanka. 

SONJA - The suicase cover designer
33 years old, an artist who keeps reinventing the world

The idea of dressing up her suitcases immediately appealed to her, and made her eager to join Emmanuelle in her great entrepreneurial adventure, full of stitching and flexible straps!
Trained at ENSAD in textiles and materials, she combined imagination with her knowledge of textiles to produce the first Dandy Nomad suitcase covers. 
About ten prototypes later, after almost breaking her sewing machine and nearly devouring one of the covers, she came up trumps!

SHer most beautiful trip: China with a sketchbook.
The ones she dreams about for the future: Aujourd'hui, Today, Sonja dreams about travelling across Africa.

PAULINE - The visual identity designer
33 ans, sparkling and traveler

Graduated from the Ecole de Communication Visuelle of Paris, Pauline is a creative graphic designer who thinks that a brand’s visual identity is the reflection of its strategic positioning – working on its creation enables one to shape its essence.
This is precisely the challenge which attracted Pauline to the project !
The idea behind the Dandy Nomad logo is the “dn” acronym which can be read as “up” or “down” depending on which way up the suitcase is on the carousel, in the train…

Her most beautiful trip: Her first backpack adventure in Indonesia.
The ones she dreams about for the future: The Uyuni Salar in Bolivia, where the sky and the land merge into one