Our adventure

Because travel is about emotion.


Traveling has become unavoidable in everyone's life. Eventhough it is a moment in the year that everyone is expecting, it is too often described with anxiety.

Because to us, traveling is a lifestyle we are willing to put pleasure and emotion back at the center of traveling.
Traveling is about adventuring.
Traveling is about discovering.
Traveling is about encountering.
Traveling is about exploring.
Traveling is about dreaming.
Traveling is about emotion.

Dandy Nomad is a smart and trendy French brand that creates travel accessories that are elegant, practical, useful and smart.

We make your journeys unforgettable.

Inspired and elegant.

Since the launching of the suitcase cover in November 2012, Dandy Nomad has developed elegant, practical and durable accessories to make sure your journey is as pefect and unforgettable as possible.

The design of each of our products is imagined to adapt to the various constraints that implies "nomadism" without forgetting everyone's desire to travel with style and elegance, just like a "dandy".
The numerous patterns created by the brand source their inspiration from the trips we have had the chance to do or the ones we are planning on doing one day.

The cultures of the five continents are therefore represented and they are inviting one to traveling.

With the success of our Mariniere pattern, some of our product ranges were launched exclusively under a "Dandy" vs. "Nomad" collection created around this thema.

Through this pattern known all around the world and twisted by the brand in blue, white and red, we are willing to target the dandy nomads looking for a more urban and Frenchy style!

A committed and responsible brand.

In order to ensure an optimum quality to our products and to make sure we have short production leadtime, we have decided to print the fabric used for our products in France.
The products are then assembled inside the European Union.
On its side, quality control is in France.

By limitating pollution in relation with transportation and by ensuring the respect of our partners' sanitary standards, we are proud to help producing durable and responsible accessories.

Aware of its societal responsibility and that being an entrepreneur in France is an opportunity, Dandy Nomad lends 1€ to a micro-entrepreneur in the world for each Bag on Bag bought on the e-shop thanks to a partnership with Babyloan, France first micro-credit website.

For Dandy Nomad, micro-credit is the opportunity of supporting entrepreneurship in the whole world at its scale. Dandy Nomad agrees with Babyloan's baseline saying that "micro-credits can make great stories"!
Discover the projects that we were able to fund thanks to you.

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